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Returning an item is free and easy you just have to make sure the item your requesting a return for is within 3 to 5 days upon delivery.

To avoid rejection of returns, please ensure that your return matches 2 conditions: (1) Allowed return coverage and (2) Acceptable return reasons.

What should I check first before initiating a return?

  • Return Coverage – The return coverage applicable for each item can be found under Service details on the product page. Coverage period 3 to 5 days upon delivery of the item.
  • Return Reasons – The followig are the valid return reasons forereturning an item to OphirPh.

Return Reasons

  • Damages/Faulty item
  • Expired item
  • Item does not match description/pictures
  • Received wrong item
  • Counterfeit items
  • Missing item
  • Missing accessories/freebies

When selecting a return reason, it;s important to submit the correct one and additional details in the Online Return Form for a faster and more accurate evaluation of the request. Please note that returns may be rejected when the request is non-compliant to the policy.

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