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Respectful engagement

  • Do not engage in namecalling or verbal attacks of people based on the difference of opinions. In cases where other user might post or comment something that can be libellous to you.
  • Posting or sharing sexual content such as nudity and sexually explicit images or descriptiions is restricted, to respect the sensitivities od users within the community.
  • Harrassment of any use on OphirPh verbally or physically is not allowed.
  • Posting or sharing content in any form that is libelous, defamatory, harassing, threatening or inflammatory is not allowed. For instance, obscenities or profanity as well as discriminatory and intolerance towards individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability, including promotion of organzations with such views, is not allowed.
  • Do not post promotional messenges, information, URLs, apps, QR codes or any content that do not belong to OphirPh.
  • No spamming, persistent postings of self-promotiion and irrelevant links on any communication space within he OphirPh platform.
  • Do not spam any users in OphirPh channels and cause disturbance to others.
  • Do not attempt to drown out other peoples opinions, including posting from multiple accounts or coordianting with other users.
  • Do not post content containing software viruses, pests and other harmful codes.

Repect the data and privacy of others

  • Do not use automated procedures(i.e “bots”) or other automated methods to access the services, add or doenload contacts, send or redirect information.
  • Do not copy, use, disclose or disseminate any information obtained through the OphirPh platform, whether driectly or through a third party.
  • Do not disclose sensitive data, include personal information of third parties, that you are not authorised to disclose. For example, do not post phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, other personal information, as well as lins to phishing or other malware sites.
  • Do not develop, support, or use software, equiptment, scripts, automated programmes, or any other method or process to perform collection or to copy professional files.

Follow the law

  • Content posted intentionally as sarcasm as it relates to self-harm or harm to others.
  • Do not post content or interact with other Lazada users in a way that infridges the intellectual property.
  • Content that encourages or supports behavior that is illegal, including but not limitted to: violence, fraud, illegal drug use, underage drinking, or child or animal abuse, is not allowed.
  • Content advocting, threatening, or joking about physical or financial hard to yourself or others, including terrorism.
  • Content offering fraudulent goods, services, schemes, or promotions. Content suggesting false lucky draws or winning information.
  • Content that are intentionally made to mislead users into thinking it is an official OphirPh event or corporate message.

Be real, be honest

  • Do not post false advertisement or misrepresentation of products and services.
  • Be real, don’t impersonate other people or organisations or pretend to be someone or something you are not.
  • Do not engage in anti-competitive behavior, that is, to engage in foul play through the communication channels on OphirPh to discrupt other sellers businesses.

Keep transacrion within OphirPh

  • All exchanges of messages and information should be done within OphirPh channels.
  • Users are not allowed to lure others to engage in offline transactions outside of the OphirPh platform.
  • All payments for OphirPh transactions have to be completed within the OphirPh platform Users are not allowed to suggest redirecting a sales transaction to another eCommerce platform.
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