Peñafrancia Festival Queen of Bicolandia Patroness of Bicol

Our Lady of Peñafrancia is a wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary venerated in Naga City, Bicol, Philippines. The image comes from the original image enshrined in Salamanca, Spain. It is currently housed at the

Sinigang na Hipon delicious soup and tender shrimps is simply irresistible!

Sinigang is one of the most popular and favorite Filipino dishes among locals. It is right there with Adobo although maybe not (yet) quite as popular internationally. Sinigang na Hipon is a type of Filipino sour soup,

Cagayan Province is a bio-diverse province in the Cagayan Valley Region

Cagayan is a province in the Philippines located in the Cagayan Valley region and the northeastern tip of the Luzon. Its capital is the city of Tuguegarao. It is about 431 kilometres (268 mi) northwest of Manila, and

The Ibalong Festival three legendary heroes, Batlog, Handyong, and Bantong

The festival celebrates the epic story Ibalong who was accompanied by three legendary heroes, namely Baltog, Handyong, and Bantong. People parade in the streets wearing masks

Tinolang Manok dish is cooked with chicken, green papaya, ginger, chili and malungay

Tinola is a Filipino chicken soup usually served as an appetizer or a main entrée with white rice. Traditionally, this dish is cooked with chicken, wedges of green papaya, and leaves of the siling labuyo chili pepper in broth flavored with ginger, onions and fish sauce

Pangapog Festival thanksgiving celebration for an abundant reap featuring the way of life

Pangapog Festival is situated in Samal City, Davao del Norte held every year 1st to 7th of August. It is a thanksgiving celebration for an abundant reap featuring the way of life of the Sama, the indigenous individuals of Samal,

Ginataang Manok cooked in coconut milk along with squash and malunggay leaves

Ginataang Manok is translated as chicken stewed in coconut milk. This is a simple Filipino dish wherein chicken is sautéed in garlic, onion, and ginger then stewed in coconut milk. Ginataang manok with moist chicken,

Corregidor Island fortified with coastal artillery to defend the entrance of Manila Bay

Corregidor Island is an island located at the entrance of Manila Bay in southwestern part of Luzon Island in the Philippines. Due to this location, Corregidor has historically been fortified with coastal artillery to defend the

Philippine National Flag Symbol, is it significant?

The flag of the Philippines is the national flag of the Republic of the Philippines. It is a horizontal flag bicolor with equal bands of royal blue and crimson red, with a white, equilateral triangle at the hoist. In the center of

Dinuguan savory stew usually of pork offal

Dinuguan or also known as chocolate meat is a savory dish made with diced pork, pork blood, and spices. Hearty and boldly-flavored, this classic Filipino pork stew is delicious as a main meal with steamed rice or as a

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