Baguio the City of Pines

Baguio (UK: /ˈbæɡioʊ/ BAG-ee-oh, US: /ˈbɑːɡ-, ˌbɑːɡiˈoʊ/ BAH-ghee-oh, -⁠OH), officially the City of Baguio (Ibaloi: Syudad ne Bag-iw; Kankanaey: Syudad di Bagiw; Ilocano: Siudad ti Baguio; Tagalog: Lungsod ng Baguio), is a 1st

Chop Suey quick and easy assorted stir-fry vegetable dish

Chop Suey is a stir-fried vegetable dish that is cooked with meats such as chicken and pork. Shrimp and seafood can also be added. This chop suey recipe is special because it has almost every ingredient present. Chicken, pork, shrimp, and boiled quail eggs were all included in the recipe, along

CAMIGUIN Mt. Hibok Hibok or Mt. Catarman as ASEAN Heritage Park

The province is famous for its sweet lanzones, to which its annual Lanzones Festival is dedicated, and its interior forest reserves, collectively known as the Mount Hibok-Hibok Protected Landscape, which has been declared by all Southeast Asian nations

Bonga Festival thanksgiving for all the blessings and graces for the good harvest received

Bonga Festival is a way of thanksgiving for all the blessings and graces they received . It’s emphasizes the highlights of a street dancing and ritual. Bonga refers to a term fruit which means bearing of fruits. This festival is

Leche Flan top dessert in the Philippines made-up of eggs and milk with a soft caramel on top

Leche Flan is the ultimate sweet treat! Rich, smooth, and creamy with golden caramel topping, this classic Filipino custard is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Leche Flan is a dessert made-up of eggs and milk with a soft

Zambales a province in the Philippines located in the Central Luzon

Zambales (Tagalog: Lalawigan ng Zambales; Ilocano: Probinsia ti Zambales; Sambal: Probinsya nin Zambales; Kapampangan: Lalawigan ning Zambales; Pangasinan: Luyag na Zambales) is a province in the Philippines located in

Dinakdakan Ilocano dish made of grilled and boiled pork

Dinakdakan is an Ilocano delicacy made with grilled pork parts such as the face, ears, liver and tongue. The charred meats are chopped into small pieces and tossed in a tangy calamansi or vinegar dressing with minced

Baler Aurora one of the top surf destinations

Baler, officially the Municipality of Baler is a 3rd class municipality and capital of the province of Aurora, Philippines. Baler is located 244 kilometres (152 mi) north-east of Manila via a mountain pass accessible by

Ube Kalamay made from grated purple yam glutinous rice flour, white sugar, and ube flavoring

Ube kalamay is a type of Filipino “kakanin” (also referred to as rice cake). It made from grated purple yam, which is known as “ube” in the Philippines. The other ingredients as far as this recipe is concerned are glutinous rice

Higantes Festival base on Angono folklore

The Higantes Festival is a local festival held annually In Angono, Philippines, where hundreds of giant papier-mâché puppets are paraded, representing the common people’s mockery of the bad hacienda (land)

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