The Heiress promises to bring the scares, chills, and frights to moviegoers


‘The Heiress’ from Regal Entertainment, Inc. promises to bring the scares, chills, and frights to moviegoers and deliver big time in the horror factor. The official trailer alone had a few jump-out-of-your-seat moments in it so expect more when you get to watch the actual movie when it comes to cinemas on November 27, 2019. Watch ‘The Heiress’ and you will not only be jumping out of your seat, but you are also guaranteed to cringe in fear and be perpetually glancing furtively around you wondering if an evil entity might be lurking and waiting in the shadows to pull you away with it!

Contorting bodies to make viewers squirm, the school pasta lunch that turn into a plate of worms, demonic hands, and creepy voices — these are just some of the old school horror visuals people will find in the official trailer for “The Heiress.” The first look at the new Regal Films production arrives just ahead of Halloween, introducing Luna (Maricel Soriano), a “mambabarang,” or a powerful demon sorceress, who will stop at nothing to greedily keep to herself her young niece. Guia is played by Janella Salvador, who looks extremely worried about what this means not only for her life going forward, but also for her mother Carmen (Sunshine Cruz) and her close friend that includes Renz (Mccoy de Leon). Unknown to her, however, she holds the key to free her aunt from the evil spirit controlling her. Regal Entertainment is known for producing quality horror flicks, being the creator of the “Shake, Rattle & Roll” franchise. For “The Heiress,” it tapped Frasco Mortiz (“Pagpag”) to direct.

If you’re looking for a movie that’s based on Pinoy myths and monsters, there’s an upcoming film about mambabarang called The Heiress. And if you can still remember discussions about Philippine folklore from your elementary school days, a mambabarang is the equivalent of a witch or sorceress. The Heiress tells the story of a mambabarang named Luna (Maricel Soriano) who will do anything to keep her niece Guia (Janella Salvador) safe—aka close to her. In the trailer, someone warns Guia about a strong demonic entity that manipulates mambabarang! We see voodoo dolls, pasta that turns into worms, and a monster wrapped in rags. Crepy. ‘The Heiress’ has an all-star cast in Janella Salvador, Maricel Soriano, Sunshine Cruz, McCoy De Leon, and Jane De Leon. Here is the movie trailer.

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