Sunod is the sole horror film among the eight official entries in this year’s MMFF


Sunod is the sole horror film among the eight official entries in this year’s MMFF. After eight years, Carmina Villarroel will again star in a horror movie via the Metro Manila Film Festival 2019 entry Sunod. It follows the story of Olivia (Villarroel), a single mother seeking to afford the medical bills of her dying daughter by working as a call center agent of a sketchy business process outsourcing (BPO) company, where she experiences ghostly encounters. Produced by TEN17P and directed by Carlo Ledesma, the horror film stars Carmina Villaroel, Mylene Dizon, Susan Africa, and Kate Alejandrino.

“Sunod” sees Villarroel as a single mother named Olivia who accepts a high-paying but demanding job at a call center in order to afford her sick daughter’s medical expenses. Her new office turns out to be an old building in Manila, where, as Olivia tries to adjust to the strange environment, she also experiences a series of mysterious and eerie events. When this terrifying phenomenon eventually crosses over to her personal life and affects her daughter most of all, Olivia is forced to uncover the mystery behind the office walls. “I wanted to play Olivia because we share a very major thing in common and that’s she’ll do anything to protect her child and in this case, keep her alive,” Villarroel noted.

The Metro Manila Film Festival Executive Committee (MMFF Execom) has announced that Carlo Ledesma’s film Sunod will replace Kris Aquino’s comeback film (K)Ampon which was disqualified for making a casting change beyond the prescribed deadline. Sunod, a horror film, stars Carmina Villaroel, cast members of the film are Mylene Dizon, Susan Africa, Kate Alejandrino, Rhed Bustamante, Krystal Brimmer, and Freddie Webb and is produced by Ten17P production. Mr. Ledesma was one of the writers of a previous MMFF entry. Here is the movie trailer.

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