New Horror Film “Clarita”, Sta. Maria Goes Demonic

Black Sheep teased new horror film starring Jodi Santa Maria as the titular role, Cla rita. Arron Villaflor and Ricky Davao are also part of the movie. Black Sheep also has yet to reveal when the movie will be released. The movie is based on 18-year-old Cla rita Villanueva. Her parents died when she was young and didn’t have an immediate family. So, she became a vagabond. In one evening, Manila police patrols saw a crowd surrounding Clarita as she roll down on the ground and screaming to keep something away from her.

On her accounts, invisible biting spirits held her down as they attack her. Nobody else tried to help her as teeth marks started to appear on her arms and neck. The police officers sprang forward and carried her as she scream and sob. Doctors suspected that she may have just took drugs or alcohol. Another doctor thought she was having an epileptic seizure. Later that night, she was taken to a cell and policemen ignored her pleas not to leave her alone.

Before a possession happens, there will usually be disturbances around the victim’s home. A devilish and unseen supernatural beings seem to disturb Clarita’s (Santa.Maria) residence. It also looked like that she has experienced them for a long time.

Clarita, Sta.Maria, #ophirph

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