My Letters to Happy – his luck changes as he meets a random person online

New movie this coming week, My letters to happy staring Glaiza de Castro and TJ Trinidad a romantic comedy film tells a story of a brilliant man loses his drive after a series of unfortunate events. His luck changes as he meets a random person online that would change his life forever.

At first glance, moviegoers might mistake the film as another crappy and commercialized romantic-comedy. It is not. It is masquerading as one, but it has more meat to offer in terms of tackling relationships between partners and to one’s self. Because of an unfortunate event in Albert’s life, he succumbed to depression. He reached the point in his life that he lost hope until he met the woman-sunshine in his life, Happy (Just a nickname). She was able to pull him out of the rut. The relationship he was able to build with her made a different human, a positive person out of him. What bothers me is the not-so-clear and convenient way of Albert getting hooked with a dating app. His being single for the longest time and choosing to devote himself to his career were all presented in dialogues. The film failed to show Albert’s pain.

The storytelling is unconventional but made it confusing instead. For the most part, its shots were dark as it paints the darkside of the characters, particularly on Albert and Happy. Shamaine Buencamino’s cameo has made an impact in conveying a strong message to its audience. For me, it’s necessary. Its powerful cast includes Benj Manalo, Teetin Villanueva, Sarah Facuri, Juan Miguel Severo, Melai Etuna and Ms. Odette Khan. It’s also Alyssa Valdez baptism of fire in a film. It will be shown in cinemas nationwide on July 17.

MyLettersToHappy, #ophirph

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