My Bakit List story of Dess breadwinner who earns a living as head writer of a drama anthology


My Bakit List, a movie co-produced by Viva Films and BluArt Productions. At one point in your life, you may have known someone like her or you may have experienced some of what she goes through. Dess, played by Louise Delos Reyes, is a relatable character. Actress Louise Delos Reyes bravely disclosed to the entertainment press that she and her businessman boyfriend Jino, have been living under the same roof for a year now. The revelation happened at the press conference of her new film, My Bakit List, held earlier this afternoon at the Viva Office in Ortigas, where Louise openly discussed the reasons behind her decision to do so.

In her late 20s, Dess is a breadwinner who earns a living as head writer of a drama anthology. When the pressure at work gets way too much, she quits her job. Getting no sympathy from her family whose only concern is how her current status would affect their lives, Dess goes all the way to Ilocos Norte with her best friend Brutus (Prince Stefan) to take a breather. This momentary escape from her toxic life might just be what she needs to find the answers to her questions. But when she accidentally comes face to face with her ex-boyfriend Ejay (Ivan Padilla), she refuses to listen to his explanation as to why he left her without a word. Dess is in dilemma if she should open her heart to him again. Will a second chance at love be the answer to all the “Whys” in her life or will it just create more questions in her mind? And if everything comes down to one question:“to hold on or to move on”, what will she choose? Early this year, Louise Delos Reyes also played a woman who was in a complicated relationship in “Hanggang Kailan?”, a film by Bona Fajardo, the same director of “My Bakit List”.

Louise once revealed that she had been blinded by love towards a former boyfriend. Having that kind of experience, not to mention being a good and dedicated actress, she has fully embraced the role of Dess. Aside from believing in the character, she said that it’s also important to have complete trust in your co-actors. This is the first time for Louise to work with Ivan Padilla. Witness their chemistry as they play an ex-couple who are still not over each other. My Bakit list cast starring Louise Delos Reyes, Ivan Padilla and Prince Stefan. Directed by Bona Fajardo, the hugot film is showing on December 11. Here is the movie trailer.

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