Man and Wife Movie Backstory

New movie this week Man and Wife” is a Mother’s Day offering from Cineko Films, and is set to open in cinemas nationwide on May 8 staring Gabby Conception and Jodi Santa Maria. Jodi Santa Marie one of the main character in this movie admitted she felt a bit awkward when she and Gabby Concepcion filmed their intimate scene together for the upcoming movie “Man and Wife.”

Santa Maria said it happened on the first day of their shooting and she didn’t know how to go about it since it was only their first time working together. She, nonetheless, praised Concepcion for being a true gentleman.

The movie tells the story of Carding (Concepcion) and Luisa (Santa Maria), a married couple torn between their love for each other and issues of their respective families.

Man and Wife, #ophirph

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