LSS revolves around two dreamers brought together by their love for current music


LSS stands for Last Song Syndrome. Fans of music and romance are in for a treat as the musical film “LSS” is set to hit theaters this Friday, the 13th for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Top-billed by real-life couple Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos, “LSS” revolves around two dreamers brought together by their love for current music favorites Ben&Ben.

Ben&Ben songs are an integral part of “LSS,” taking an active role in how the plot unfolds. In fact, the band is the very reason why Sarah (Gabbi Garcia) and Zack (Khalil Ramos) get together. With BenaAndBen’s music, the movie have viewers live through memories of nights when they listened to BenAndBen once upon a heartbreak. In the film, BenAndBen plays as, well, BenAndBen, appearing in multiple scenes all throughout the film. With Gabbi, Khalil, and BenAndBen in one equation, the film isn’t your typical musical. The movie puts on display the range of Gabbi’s and Khalil’s vocal talents. In fact, it is their vocals that open the movie, immediately making audiences realize just how talented they really are. Gabbi’s voice plucks at the heart, while Khalil’s is soothing and heart-melting. “LSS” is definitely a treat for all music lovers.

Gabbi and Khalil have undeniable chemistry, it’s going to make you swoon. It turbo-powers a love so soft and supportive between two people who click on every level. The film revolves around a lot of issues millennials face: problems of the heart, difficulty at home, and challenges of chasing your dreams. It portrays the messy details, the conflicts and the things that can absolutely go wrong and right in the span of years. “LSS” is not a story about choosing career over love, or your family over career. It;s about finding your spot amidst all of those. Gabbi portrays a girl who fights for her dreams despite her circumstances, and Khalil takes on the role of a boy who has been trying for years to get the love he’s been desperately trying to find. Both are hopeless in their own cases, and in their hopelessness, they find each other. LLS cast are Gabbi Garcia, Khalil Ramos, Tuesday Vargas and BenAndBen. Diected by Jade Castro under Globe Studios, Dokimos Media Studios, BenAndBen production.

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