Isa Pa With Feelings romantic drama movie featuring a deaf main character


“Isa Pa With Feelings” dropped another teaser and although there weren’t any verbal lines, the chemistry between Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino’s is undeniable. Black Sheep Productions released the scene on Monday which features Maine and Carlo talking to each other using sign language. The clip from the upcoming film “Isa Pa with Feelings” shows the “first lesson” between the characters of Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino. Released on the occasion of the International Day of Sign Languages, the scene from the romance film sees Gali (Aquino), who is deaf, teaching Mara (Mendoza) basic gestures.

In Isa Pa With Feelings, Maine plays Mara, who learns sign language from Gali, played by Carlo Aquino. Sans spoken word (Gali is deaf) and with tons of eye contact and a rather steamy dance number, the two characters fall in love. Mara learns words like deaf, hearing, like, manyak, and together. She playfully gestures “manyak” when she catches Gali staring at her, in another scene that hints at mutual attraction. Carlo, a veteran of heart-wrenching dramas, is the first to praise his Kapuso co-star. If he found it hard to portray deaf person, Carlo said Maine had it even harder – she had to act scenes out both through her voice and through sign language.

Directed by Prime Cruz, “Isa Pa with Feelings” is from Black Sheep. The project is also the first time Mendoza, who rose to popularity for her “AlDub” tandem with Alden Richards, is being paired with Aquino. Cruz earlier teased that the film will center on two broken people who meet each other. “Isa Pa with Feelings” is scheduled for a nationwide release on October 16. Here is the movie trailer.

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