Hello, love, goodbye – themes of the movie are relatable to OFW

Hello, Love, Goodbye, giving us more details on the story Joy (Kathryn), a domestic helper, and Ethan (Alden), a bartender, meet in Hong Kong and fall in love. From the looks of it, Joy plans to leave the city to find a better life (and supposedly a higher-paying job to send more money to her family). But leaving Hong Kong would compromise her relationship with Ethan.

Since the setting and the themes of the movie are relatable to OFWs—and as if a tribute to them. Hello, Love, Goodbye will also be screened internationally. Yesterday, Star Cinema shared the posters for various places where the film will be released, and they look absolutely romantic. Joy is unwavering with her priorities, but this does not stop Ethan from convincing her, and ultimately settling for the little she is capable of giving in return.

The resulting “kilig” moment and painful exchanges had anticipating fans convinced of the chemistry between Richards and Bernardo. Reactions online quickly catapulted “Hello, Love, Goodbye” as the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter. The trailer, which aired on ABS-CBN channels and released online simultaneously, also gave a glimpse of other cast members, including Maymay Entrata, Joross Gamboa, and Cacai Bautista. “Hello, Love, Goodbye” is scheduled for a nationwide release on July 31.

Hello Love Goodbye, #ophirph

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