Hellcome Home without any prior knowledge that the house is haunted


Hellcome Home, which stars GMA actor Dennis Trillo, knows just how bad and terrifying that discovery can get, and you can watch it in theaters on October 30. Trillo plays Peter Villareal, a father to a happy family eager to move into their new home, without any prior knowledge that the house is haunted.

A loving and supportive housewife, Cynthia Domingo speaks sweetly of her family. Nandy Domingo, the husband of Cynthia, is a proud father and a real-estate agent who loves spending time with his family. Peter Villareal is in a new chapter of his life after recently purchasing a new home for his family. Just like Cynthia, Marcy is a caring wife of her two kids with husband Peter. She wishes nothing but happiness for her family. During the film’s story conference, the film’s director Bobby Bonifacio revealed that the film will revolve around two families who settle in a haunted house.

Believing it to be tricks of the eye, the family stays and they begin to experience supernatural phenomena that threaten their lives and relationships. The film also stars Dennis Trillo, Alyssa Muhlach, Beauty Gonzalez, Raymond Bagatsing, Gillian Vicencio, and Teejay Marquez. Here is the movie trailer.

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