Family History Not an Ordinary Movie Michael V’s Debut as Director for GMA Pictures

Family History, which is set to premiere on June 21, is not just a milestone for Bitoy but also for GMA executives who admit it took many years for them to finally decide to go back into movie production. They wanted the right material and the right timing to stage their movie comeback as a film outfit and give the movie-going public a production that is worthy of releasing.

Award-winning comedian and TV host Michael V. has enjoyed a highly successful career in show business for decades but this year will show a major leap yet. For as this article piques its reader’s curiosity, GMA Network’s one and only “Kapuso Comedy Genius” is hard at work at his first ever project as movie director.

Besides directing the comedy flick, Bitoy is also the movie’s writer and lead actor, rendering the word challenge an understatement. Nevertheless, the actor is more excited than anything for such an opportunity, adding, “As with the past contracts and projects I’ve done with GMA. Everything is going as planned, and we’re very happy to partner with GMA especially since they’ve taken care of Bitoy — of all of us — from the very start. Our relationship with them goes a long way”.

FamilyHistory, #ophirph

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