Damaso musical historical movie a commentary on present Philippine situation


Damaso musical historical movie DAMASO, featuring an all-star cast. Based on Jose Rizal’s and directed by Joven Tan. A musical-within-a-film, DAMASO is a commentary on present Philippine situation in the Government (and the film industry) which is not any different from the time when Filipinos were abused by the Spanish Clergy and the Spanish Government. Star-crossed lovers Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara are torn between their love for family and country.

“Damaso” has become a term identifying catholic hypocrisy or corruption. In 2010, the late tour guide and historian Carlos Celdran dressed like Jose Rizal and raised a placard with the words “Damaso” in the Manila Cathedral. He protested against the church for its interference in the Reproductive Health Bill. Damaso features the story of writer Fernando Damaso (Marlo Mortel), who seeks to materialize his story to a film. At the same time, it goes back in the past, revealing that his book counterpart, Padre Damaso (Arnel Ignacio), is facing the same problems of his own. Damaso stars Aiko Melendez, Nyoy Volante, Ketchup Eusebio, Irma Adlawan, Arnel Ignacio, Marlo Mortel, Riva Queenery, Jin Macapagal, and many more. This musical-within-a-film will show how the struggles we (and the entertainment industry too) are facing today are no different from the abuse Filipinos encountered under the Spanish colonization. To have more in-depth and entertaining storytelling, the film showcases the character’s thoughts and feelings through singing and dancing.

Mon Confiado shocks everyone with his transformation for a role he will portray in “Damaso”. Now, in his recent transformation, everyone was shocked to see the obvious weight he lost. And entrusted with so many roles, everyone could probably attest how great he is and the hard work he puts to it in terms of developing a particular look and the specific movements of the role he got. He is also known for his method acting where he really does whatever it takes for the character.He is so thin and slim as he will play the role Padre Salvi in the film Damaso which will hit the cinemas soon. Maria Clara’s biological father PADRE DAMASO makes the situation worse due to hostility that dates back to the time when the Friar (Damaso) had a spat with Ibarra’s father Don Rafael Ibarra. In this musical take on the book, the unhappiness also befalls on present generation of filmmakers/artists who experience a variant of exploitation in this “endangered/dying” entertainment business. Here is the movie trailer.

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