Cuddle Weather two sex workers who become “cuddle partners”


Cuddle Weather is here and it had us giggling, sighing and feeling all romantic all at the same time, a movie starring Sue Ramirez and RK Bagatsing. Described as “a sex film with a heart” by director-writer Rod Marmol, the movie is about two sex workers who become “cuddle partners,” as reported by Inquirer. Produced by Antoinette Jadaone and Dan Villegas, the movie will come out in September as part of the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019.

People are going crazy over their sexy poster. The tongue-in-cheek caption: “Ang pag-ibig na hindi lang huhugot, babaon pa!” The director recently shared a sneak peek and praised the two leads’ dedication to their craft. “Grabe itong araw na ito. Everyone stepped up their game to make all the scenes come to life. We shot three crazy sex scenes. Ang isa doon, one long take pa na ‘montage.’ Na montage!!! This day was a reminder of how magical filmmaking really is. Mad props for Adela and Ram sa pagiging mga tunay at matatapang na aktor. Napakaraming celebrities sa panahon ngayon, pero kakaunti lang ang totoong artista.” “Shoot, tusok, pasok, hugot,” Ram says, in a scene where he teaches Adela how to stitch. “Pero ‘wag mong mamadaliin, kasi pag minadali mo, baka masaktan. Kaya dahan-dahan lang.”

The trailer starts off taking the same funny tone it had as in the teaser trailer, where we get a feel of Sue’s playful character, Adela Johnson, who’s totally coy with her customers. Adela then meets RK’s character, Ram, whose sex worker alias is “Sonny,” also known as the “number one tubero in Makati.” The movie takes double meanings to a whole new level with Ram’s sexy plumber persona, as described by Adela: “Tubero sa kama. Lahat ng sirang lagusan, papasukin mo, kakalikutan mo.” LOL! Still, this is a love story. Or isn’t it? It looks like they develop feelings for one another as they get to know each other more. Here is the movie trailer.

CuddleWeather, #ophirph

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