Banal Goes Into Two Extremes

It is, at times, incredibly intelligent and well-crafted, while on other times, it’s almost hilariously bad. Either way, though, there’s almost always something to enjoy while watching this film, even if it’s not always for the right reasons. Jayson and Cris are two policemen who have just been assigned to the SWAT unit. They are complete opposites: Cris is idealistic and conscientious, while Jayson is ambitious and corrupt. But under the tutelage of their hard-drinking SWAT commander, they become fast friends. Years later, they meet up again in Manila, and their friendship and beliefs are tested when they uncover a plot to assassinate the pope.

There are some timeline problems with the story, but overall, the plot works. There is some pretty intelligent plotting going on here, with some logical character development and a few satisfying twists. A key character moment at the end feels kind of rushed, but it’s easily forgiven. The dialogue, however, is pretty strange. The characters in this film talk in a strange pseudo-macho dialect that’s mostly composed of strange metaphors and one-liners.

I suppose it can be passed off as just a stylized form of dialogue, but it does get distracting at times. It’s just hard to ignore some of the extended tirades delivered by the characters, since no one in real life actually talks like that.

Banal, JaysonCris, #ophirph

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