3pol Trobol starts with an action-packed opening where Coco’s character, then-Criminology student


3pol Trobol starts with an action-packed opening where Coco’s character, then-Criminology student Apollo “Pol” Balbon saves the life of the National Defense Secretary. Impressed, the Secretary decides to hire Pol to be his personal security right after he graduates from college. Soon after, the Secretary discovers an anomaly involving two government officials and illegal firearms that will eventually get him killed. This mission, he is able to pass onto Pol before he gets murdered. Coco proves his skill as an action star as well as a comedian. Just check out how he commits to his role as his popular alter ego Paloma tries seducing Sam Milby’s character while wearing sexy tights.

3pol Trobol storyline Apollo “Pol” Balbon (Martin) is a loving son to single mother Mary (Delas Alas) and is working as a bodyguard for the Executive Director of National Defense Agency. After discovering an anomaly in his agency, the Executive Director is ambushed but he manages to pass on what he knows to Pol before he dies. But before Pol could report to the authorities, he becomes the primary suspect in killing his former boss. The real killer, Senator Simon (Manzano) pins the blame on Pol and comes up with fabricated evidence against him. While on the loose, Pol knows he has to find out who really killed his boss, while protecting his boss’ daughter, Trina (Mercado). Pol attempts to go near Trina but Simon’s son, Andrew (Milby), is always with Trina, making it harder for Pol to talk to her. Because Pol can’t go near Trina to tell her what he knows, he has to disguise as a girl and introduces himself as Paloma, Trina’s sister from another mother. As Paloma, Pol is able to live with Trina and do things with her, giving her enough time and chance to help solve their “father’s” death. But what would happen when Trina finds out that the sister she thought she has, is actually the suspect in killing her father?

Over all, the storyline was pretty much smoothly executed and humor spontaneously delivered. Although the backdrop entails a far more complicated situation and probably requires more actual details, the story was presented in a way that it was simple for general viewers to comprehend and consume. Movie cast are Coco Martin, Jennylyn Mercado, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Sam Milby, Edu Manzano and Tirso Cruz 3rd. Directed by Rodel Nacianceno. An entry to the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival, 3pol Trobol: Huli Ka Balbon, produced by CCM Film Productions, is showing in cinemas on Christmas day, December 25. Here is the movie trailer.

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