Sinampalukang Manok chicken soup consisting of chicken cooked in a sour broth with tamarind


Sinampalukang Manók is a Filipino chicken soup consisting of chicken cooked in a sour broth with tamarind, tamarind leaves, ginger, onion, garlic, and other vegetables. Sinampalukan is prepared by first sautéing the chicken with garlic, ginger, and onions. Water is then added with tamarind pulp, young tamarind leaves and usually siling haba or labuyo chilis and tomatoes. Other vegetables can also be added if desired, including green beans, pechay, cabbage, eggplant, and others. It is served over white rice. Sinampalukan is regarded as a comfort food, usually served to sick people or during cold days.

Sinampalukan is very similar to sinigang and is sometimes regarded as a mere variant of the latter. However, sinampalukan differs most obviously in that it uses tamarind leaves as one of the main ingredients. It is also restricted to tamarind as the souring agent, unlike sinigang which can also use a variety of other sour fruits. Here are the Ingredients of Sinampalukang Manok. 1 to 1 1/2 lb chicken sliced into serving pieces. 2 cups fresh spinach. 3 medium tomatoes quartered. 2 tablespoons fish sauce. 1 1/2 cups tamarind leaves. 1/2 lb long green beans or string beans. 1 medium Chinese eggplant sliced. 1 medium onion sliced. 1 tablespoon sinigang mix optional. 1 chicken bouillon. 3 tablespoons cooking oil. 3 to 4 cups water. Sinampalukang Manok is best eaten with warm steamed rice. I usually eat this with a dip composed of fish sauce and crushed bird’s eye chili. I personally think that Sinampalukang Manok makes me feel better. Every time I catch cold or feel weak, a bowl of Sinampalukang Manok is all I needed to get back on track.

Here are the instructions on how to cook Sinampalukang Manok. 1st step. Heat oil in a cooking pot. 2nd step. Saute onion and tomatoes. 3rd step. When the onions and tomatoes becomes soft, add the chicken and then cook until the color of the outer part turns light brown. 4th step. Pour-in the fish sauce, and then add chicken bouillon. Stir. 5th step. Pour-in water and let boil. 6th step. Add tamarind leaves and sinigang mix powder. Simmer until chicken becomes tender. 7th step. Add the eggplant and long green beans. Cook for 5 to 8 minutes. 8th step. Put-in the spinach and cover the cooking pot. Let the cover stay for 5 to 6 minutes for the residual heat to cook the spinach. 9th step. Transfer to a serving bowl. Serve. 10th step. Share and enjoy!

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