Pork Bicol Express – Filipino stew that makes use of coconut milk

Bicol Express is a type of Filipino stew that makes use of coconut milk and coconut cream. Traditional Bicol Express recipe involves the use of pork as the main ingredient. Fatty pork cuts such as pork belly and pork shoulder are preferred. These are cooked by boiling in coconut milk along with chili peppers and spices. It is categorized as a main dish and is best eaten with a cup of warm white rice.

We cook a lot in the kitchen as you might already know. Bicol Express is one of our favorites. This is a good example of a dish that we make during regular days and special occasions. In fact, it is part of our Noche Buena menu. Cooking Bicol Express using this recipe is simple and easy. We only need to boil the pork along with the rest of the ingredients in coconut milk. It might not be complicated, but our utmost attention and patience is needed in the process.

The first thing to do is combine coconut milk, onion, ginger, garlic, and pork in a cooking pot. Stir. Note that the stove has not been ignited yet at this point. Turn it on and set to high heat once the ingredients are all in the cooking pot. Let the coconut milk boil, and then adjust the heat to medium. This is the point where we reduce the coconut milk to half. It is important to check and stir the mixture every 7 minutes to prevent lumps from forming. This step extracts the flavors from the ingredients in the pot while tenderizing the meat at the same time.

Bicol Express, #ophirph

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