Pocherong Manok Stewpot Filipino Dish

Puchero is a type of stew originally from Spain, prepared in Yucatán, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Perú, south of Brazil, the Philippines, and Spain, specifically the autonomous communities of Andalusia and the Canary Islands. The name comes from the Spanish word “puchero” which means “stewpot”. Proteins for pochero can be chicken, pork, and beef. I have not tried using goat meat or lamb for it, but will eventually do so one of these days and will keep you posted. The pork version is the most popular.

Crushed tomatoes is a good alternative ingredient for fresh tomato and tomato sauce. Stewed tomato works great with pochero too. Plantains are good substitute for Saba banana. It provides a semi-sweet taste to the dish, but not much compared to the other. Sweet potato can also be used if either type of bananas are not available. I suggest the omit the regular baking potato if you are chooising this option.

Chorizo de Bilbao is ideal for this recipe. However, Chinese sausage can also be used. Not everyone appreciates fish sauce, but I think that it is worth a try. Salt is always a good alternative.

Puchero, Manok, #ophirph

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