Leche Flan – top dessert in the Philippines made-up of eggs and milk with a soft caramel on top

Leche Flan is the top dessert in the Philippines. The dining table won’t be complete without it especially during celebrations such as parties and town fiestas. I remember the Leche Flan that my Lola Belen makes when I was still living in Las Pinas. It really tasted so rich and heavenly. Everyone in our clan always request her to prepare it during special occasions. I’m lucky because my wife knows how to do a good one too.

Leche Flan is a dessert made-up of eggs and milk with a soft caramel on top. It resembles crème caramel and caramel custard. This delicious dessert is known throughout the world.It has been a regular item in the menu of most restaurants because of its taste, ease in preparation and long shelf life. It can also be added as a component to build other great tasting dessert creations.

Making your own leche flan can be easy if you follow the recipe below and watch the cooking video. Start by beating the egg yolks in a mixing bowl. You can do it the manual way using a fork or use a hand mixer or a stand mixer. Ensure that the eggs are smooth. Gradually add the milk. Start with the condensed milk followed by the fresh milk and vanilla extract. Continue to beat all the ingredients in the bowl until these are well blended. Set this aside for the meantime while you prepare for the next process.

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