Igado Ilocano Filipino Dish

Igado is an Ilocano dish (Northern province in Philippines), it is nearly similar to Menudo but it’s done the Ilocano way. Usually cooked with pigs internal organs such as kidneys, liver, lungs, heart and flavoured with Ilocos Vinegar. Igado comes from the Spanish word “Higado” which means liver and apparently that is one of the main ingredients of this dish. Having said that preparing for the pork liver is the secret in this dish as common mistake in making this dish is that they cook the liver without marinating them first in vinegar, which ends up really tough rather than having a smooth texture. I remember I saw this technique way back when I used to reside in Baguio and one of my college friends uncle cook this dish a lot and he usually drown the liver in vinegar for around an hour. Using that method will break down the liver and creating that silky pate like texture when cooked.

Since this dish deals with pig’s innards, it is important to make sure that the ingredients that you are using are prepared properly. I usually clean the liver and kidney with running water before slicing. This washes away the impurities. Make sure to not overdo it, or you will lose the taste. As for the kidneys, I soak it in water with salt for 10 minutes after slicing in order to reduce the odor. Start by sautéing garlic and onions. Heat oil in a cooking pot. Add chopped garlic and onion. Saute until the onion softens before adding the pork.

Continue to saute the pork until brown and then add water and soy sauce. Cook the meat until tender by boiling. Do this by covering the cooking pot and adjusting the heat between low to medium. Let the liquid boil and continue to cook the pork until the desired tenderness is achieved. Pork tenderloin gets tender quickly. However, other cuts of pork require some time to cook. You may also add more water if the liquid starts to dry out. Next is to add the kidney and cook for 10 minutes or until tender. You can also add the bay leaf and seasoning during this step.

Igado, #ophirph

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