Dinakdakan – Ilocano dish made of grilled and boiled pork

Dinakdakan is an Ilocano dish that is made of grilled and boiled pig parts-it works as a delicious and tasty appetizer, too! The pig’s head, ears, and brains are some of the ingredients incorporated so as not to waste any part of the animal. Cooking methods such as grilling and boiling are used in making this dish because it makes the preparation of the dish much simpler. Adding chili also gives it a bit of a bite, making it the perfect pork dish to eat with loads of rice.

The authentic dinakdakan recipe makes use of pig’s brain. This ingredient helps give the dish a thick and sticky texture. We won’t be daring in this recipe feature because I had a hard time sourcing for pig brain here in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago, so we’ll use an alternative ingredient which is mayonnaise. This dinakdakan recipe tastes greate.

It is important to make sure that each ingredient comes out tender after boiling. You do not want your dish to be tough and hard to chew. Grilling the meat is important. Your dish will have a better texture. This will make it more enjoyable to eat.

Dinakdakan, #ophirph

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