Singkaban Festival term for decorated bamboo arch used as a welcome signage of a town


Floats from different towns in Bulacan province took part in the annual “Singkaban” festival to celebrate the rich heritage of Bulakenyos. Most of the floats were festooned with bamboo, the main material for the “singkaban,” and showcased the history, culture, arts and several other festivals for which each town is known. “Singkaban” is a Filipino term for decorated bamboo arch, which is used as a welcome signage of a town, city or village in the country.

Senator Cynthia Villar, the guest speaker, said she was happy to know that bamboo was an important component of the festival. “Here at your Singkaban Festival, I am glad that bamboo is the star of this festival. Bamboo can be cut and used and then regrown, so it is sustainable. On the other hand, through the Singkaban Festival, young people are exposed to the importance of bamboo as they continue to be the next generation,” she said. Villar, an adopted daughter of Bulacan, also thanked the Bulakenyos for braving the rains in order to celebrate the festival dubbed as the “mother of all fiestas” in the province.

Governor Daniel Fernando cited the efforts of the Bulakenyos in overcoming their differences to have a common and collective goal, which is to contribute to the province’s progress and development. “We, Filipinos are born of different values, we call that our individual differences, for us to survive, we need more than our individuality, we need a sense of community, and that is the value of our cultural heritage,” he said. Fernando also encouraged the youth to always remember the legacy that the great Bulakenyos left for them to relish. “We are proudly introducing our great province to be an integral part of our national history. Let us strive to deepen our love for our people, our community and our traditions,” he added. The opening of the Singkaban Festival which is anchored on the theme “Sining at Kalinangang Bulakenyo, Dangal ng Filipino,” signals the start of the celebration with numerous activities lined-up to showcase the province’s history, arts, culture, and tourism.

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